I'm Polaris. Stared at with an Aryan soul. It's platinum toned chariots in her majesty's orbit Her pheromones, barely grown through Germanian. Forest. With thick nefarious groves, in between crystal green basin for worship It' aerial focus, ripped by an egomaniacs warship. Thickets of woodlands dismembered, by this sultan and emperor. Mission accepted, twisted machete to my indulging … Continue reading Cristian

unfinished love gimmicky, smug grinning combustible bunch.

puncturing flows of buttery colors, exposed in post and pre nuptial showmanship. Function control amusing instrumental. effusive, ode to hold this angel to a centerpiece basil, with cloves, of energy that exposed a masterful synergy a weeded rustled drone, that tumblerode a the quietest depiction of the color blue on a petal succulent. moss grows … Continue reading unfinished love gimmicky, smug grinning combustible bunch.