Never give up Mr. Vodka

inept, and upset, it’s like nothing is mentioned. lifes a run on sentence, interconnecting. eclectic, electric, im a plug in the wall. A bit so perplexive, the occult of the psalms. the rejection. a song in the hall of this crazy asylum. Straitjacket is off, not restrained or assigned. Um, loudspeakers shouts weaken as i interrupt the connection. been seasons since I slept at the Suns dusky perception. Grayscale cuts. As lovely as ever. It’s only in fear where we love to project it. We learn to accept it, from function inflection to fucking intense. Influx of attention as if it’s up to respect. a muck, so abrupt you can barely hear it. Footsteps like eruptions, the thuds become searing. Conduct an experiment, lovers potion aside. Appearance in serum You took most of in stride. Locust, to low cost, you soaked up my pride. Denoting my time, with no focus adhered. Coast has been cleared, now come gears of the war. Read through your code words; without feeling remorse. Fleeting emotion that flees it’s discourse. From bleeding to grievance, your cheeks are like porcelain. Cus through weeping I see the streams aren’t coarse. and it, streamlined and warped. From counting sheeplings to sleep to beehives and wasps. Beaming and gleaming, seaside to waft. Sea salt aroma as sweet as its strong. Siege of despondence, Lethal with charm. gathered the sky parts, puzzle piece to my heart. Melding the winters. Acting dissimilar now. ousted. no syringes allowed. crowded to breathe, all cylinders loud. Went from counting to three to running out of fingers to count.

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