it’ll be over soon (im so weak)

i dont know what to say. that’s all ive been saying of late.
blurry backdrop, urban aperture frame.
thorough blacktop, burrow the hallowing pain
delicate language left footprints on chemical beach.
.. ive still got sand in my car
talked on a blanket in vitamin forest with blanketed speech
soapbox. being in a straitjacket has just helped me escape.
it’s not that im crazy, i just dont know who else is insane.
caffeinated delays. adrenal obstruction, dilated pupil -people seduction
fetal position. let’s meet at a funeral. don’t keep in touch – its
fall asleep in the morning, methamphetamine when its dark
mention me when you talk. give yourself to me when you whisper
affectionate’s affecting me. affections kisses led to blisters
perception means perceptive thinkers. you want to go but people never let you
fatigue. synthesizers audible blast. stereo headphone milieu
sweet nothings – mean nothing, you took your coffee black
capricorn your zodiac, maelstrom the storm in a bottle cap
i gave you space, you gave me freedom
if that were our slogan we could put a flag on the moon
poisonous daydreams, falling asleep with you when im wide awake
cyanide capsule is like biting a bullet
how do i life live to the fullest. backstroke the tidal wave
chemical beach