so little, little

why am i here again

why does it matter?

handle with care. these items are fragile

wear a mask and lie to your closest, Keyser Söze display

let’s erode together, hold my rusty hand in the rain

tin man toppling, iron giant in grave

hear the fucking rain pound it’s way on my armor

using my metal like drum sets you pawn at a shop

discontinued discounted item left on the shelves

try-me! buttons as the battery fades

buzz light year rotary wind up doll, lullaby weak

sober man thinks drunken thoughts, just as he speaks

choking on my own blood, cause apathy, me

galloping scene, horseback, valiancy

it may not matter to you, but it matters to me

the dialogue of my backdrop. you can’t hear when i scream

driving on the interstate, windows open at three.

in the morning. just a blip in the radar

you’re still asleep while I’m on the brink of displacement

gargoyle stiff statue, while i get lost in a gaze

i’ve been holding on for too long and i know that it’s vague

using words like brink, sink and edge, they’re one in the same

tired of feeling tears fall off of my face

redirect the traffic, tired of no reciprocation when i reload the page

or reload the gauge, or reload the matrix

it happens when pain exceeds the resources for coping with pain

hold still in the mirror, whisper I’m sorry in latin

i only know how to say it, cause i knew this would happen

from day one to day two. behavior erratic

dilapidated homecoming. hello? is anyone there to collapse in

they don’t care. shot of stoli and absinthe

stare at the hole deep in the attic, hold me when i’m chugging

rosary pundit. they say depression causes lapses in judgment

the smoke from the cannon can be alluring to sadness

pretending i love myself was just one of the many

contemporary somethings, below my bellowing setting

saying hello, while I’m clinching on at the edge

where the sidewalk ends? let me make some amends

before i fall off, derail off normal trajectory

disorderly conduct off disorders. where is she?

the one that i prayed for? you said you’d deliver

so many questions, so little… little

so little


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