what the fuck do i do

the moon the moon the moon the sun the sun the moon press mute succumb doomed doomed doomed I'm doomed. we're done who who who are you who are us? collusion contusions. you're a cup of hot chocolate on the fiercest winter morning feel the blisters forming whistle through the windows pixelating percentage whistling. cold… Continue reading what the fuck do i do

fire breather

I'm a fucking fire breather. Breathing fire. Eating dragons, for breakfast who wants some? None of you do I've held back for quite some time exerting no strength Ball of fire. Giving the sun spots ink blots and think thoughts disregard your discourse munching on mantras, making mistakes barely i learn from them wake up… Continue reading fire breather

mad scientist

you mix gunpowder and moments, of silence and gather components you'd author with smiles combustible crossover. gifting a locket, heart shaped alloy, wish upon a asteroid comet it'll turn to debris before it reaches to me countdown from three, wishing a frown obsolete douse gasoline, that set blaze to decree miscellaneous mundane, missiletoe mainframe hypnotize… Continue reading mad scientist

hellhound pt2

heartbreaking shattering crushing blasphemous, bludgeoning, over saturated don't be surprised if we can't be separated science needs a new invention to mend hearts or a swab test for tears where a story is written by the chemicals in them and the chemicals in them are only ones that i can create with my signature on… Continue reading hellhound pt2