maple tree

what do you think of this super sensitive sentience

drizzling fire, pyramid shaped flame over credulous credence

like a momentary silence, aluminum pin drop echo in a empty room

padded wall. effervescent, magical

i could feel your feminine voice telegraph vibrations through separate veins

like subway networks carved throughout my muscles where you tap harbored lust into my mainframe. electrical current possessed by your ouiji board hormones, commanding nerve endings to rise like a judge entering a room, puppeteer to this compulsory feeling, tugging fleshy strings connected to this insatiable thirst. like water to river, drought cleansing downpour. outsourced. i could hear your soul singing. smell you smiling cheek to cheek, wide veneer cheshire; feel my eyes laser through your bed side. backside sex talk. you know what you do to me when you walk away. warmly outlining your opiate curves, overdosing on those angles. equatorial melee. sedative quality, lulling me into trance, withdrawal shivers as perfectly jeweled spheres refract light into me. kaleidoscopic slight hypnosis. hypnotic dosage, 400mg oxytocin showering the flesh of your lips. where i trace over patterns left by previous lovers, like a field i discovered. reading diaries on how they failed to conquer you. chapters left blank, with nothing but a pencil and time. hand drawing rainbows with watercolor paintings on the arc of your back, with melted oil enzymes, and a tongue ready to taste the sweat that falls delicately. like a summer trees leaves in the depths of november. or syrup filling in the minute cracks of bark on a mellow maple sitting in melancholy on the hilly banks. slow, fragile crystallizing water, filled with budding pheromones, bubbling over a sea of red and rosy, blanketed passion. enshrouding with fervor, where you inherit Michelangeloesque signatures on your hand crafted marble cheekbones and full figured, bloodshot, pouty lips. dark hair mirroring oblivion, marking the end of my curiosity. and this unruly temptation. you soul treks along spacetime, unknowingly engulfing innocent, wandering black holes and coffee stained eyeballs (mine). every color drawn in every conceivable wavelength swallowed by the permeating darkness of uncertainty and attraction swirling back into this moment. where present meets passion, and my calloused hands meet your neck

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