About Cristian

Cristian Leonardo Gajardo Leon Arcos Rivera

Try saying that 5x fast.

hello, my name is cristian. i use lowercase lettering (sometimes, usually). Even with pronouns because my pinky reaching over to the shift key gets tiring after all these years.

oh right, about me. Well, first and foremost, there’s so much you could learn about me. That it would take more than just a page escribing the author/creator’s aspect of their own to give you insight.

As of march 10th, 2021, I’m 29 years old. I’m a colombian/chilean hybrid, born and raised in New Jersey. My passion in writing is exactly that; passion. Spewing out raw vibrations that seem impossible to possess. Fleeting emotions encapsulated in the treachery of things. The unknown, and very vibrant, obvious machinations of life (and death). My inner monologue has always been outspoken (the irony). Trying to live outside of my head as much as possible. Embracing the creativity of being alive. Living presently, rather than just on standby. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Constantly observing, trying to make sense out of everything. The tiniest aspects of character, brooding forethought that encompasses human condition.

What do you write?

When I think of poetry, it rarely has to do with rhyming. It deals with vulnerability, and honesty. I’ve dabbled with long verse, short verse, spoken word, and rapping. Moreover, i’ve also taken other forms of writing, such as comedy. Over the years, I’ve compiled a series of long verse poetry verses that come from the heart. My goal is to edit these old, raw writings and revise them for a book. I’d like to include current writing, and make it user friendly. A lot of the poetry on the market nowadays is very succinct, and concise. However, I want to create a user-friendly environment that focuses on depth, as much as conciseness.

In turn, I want to ensure user-friendly, but also open up the door for people that don’t necessarily read longer poetry. By long, I generally mean 400+ words, which in practice isn’t that long at all. Short stories, both 21 words in length and 500 words in length can deliver such powerful messages. In the end, I want my short stories to create open-ended questions. I want resolve, but also a pondering of sort. I’m a proud latino, and a lot of my writing depicts the universe I walk through (hopefully opening the door to other latinx folk).

How, and where can I see you?

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I have a ton of unique and consistent content on there aside from the longer poetry you’ll see on my website (www.cristianleonardo.com). Such as my patented #21wordshortstory and spoken word pieces to beautiful mood pieces. I love practicing the dictation of my voice, and matching it with beautiful videography. I also, one day, hope to direct and film short films, inspired by my poetry that carry a lot of weight of impact and vulnerability.

My goal is to open up a shop here with the following: my book, clothing with tiny bits of poetry attached. Also small motivational poetry attached to things like mugs, decals, and other neat gadgets. Secondly, but not least, I want everything to be environmental and consciously healthy! It would mean the world if you followed, liked, shared, subscribed and supported even with the smallest commentary. It really gets me going. Thank you, so so so so much. I hope I can provide you with more content as time goes on.