Writer. Poet. Rhymer. Capturer. Content designer. I’d like to give myself one label, but I’d like for someone, whoever it is to label me as they wish. Personally, I’d like to just be seen as a writer, or a poet. But, if you want to label me as a weirdo who writes made up words, I think I’d be impressed with that distinction. Currently working on a book, that entails edited versions of the rawest poetry I’ve written (raw: written in one take, zero edits). The reason for this is, I think that my ‘edited poetry’ is extremely relatable, because I’m deciphering those raw emotions that sometimes the reader can’t relate to, because of the words, the metaphors, the nuance in language, the obscure meaning of things, and so forth. I’m very excited about this


When did you start writing? Since I could remember, one of my first memories of writing – where I got recognition.

It was an instance where we were supposed to ‘make-up’ a story about what you wished you went through. It was a creative process, now that I think about it. One of my few memories was telling my 1st grade classmates – “I was riding a lamborghini, and did a somersault out of it into a helicopter where my dog was making pancakes”

Does all of your writing have a central theme? The thing people have to understand is, that most of my writing, if not ALL of it, is the raw version (unedited). Realistically, and theoretically, sometimes, it won’t make sense if you are looking at it from a literal perspective. So, no, some of it is a stream of consciousness, just words spewing out of me when capable. I HOPE, It will take you on a journey.

Your writing can be a bit romantic; is it about anyone in particular? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. But, if I’m being serious, mostly it is. I love to capture what I capture when I’m feeling a certain way that expands on what I show people in real life. So, for example, if in real life I am sarcastic, stern, or outrageous, then my writing will show another side of me that I hope you can accept and understand!

Does all of your writing rhyme? I think everything rhymes if you’re serious enough about finding the rhyme. So much rhyming is done when you don’t even know it- it’s what makes writing unique. To most readers, a certain line of prose can just be a simple line, but to the experienced eye, it may capture much more than what you see at first glance but —>Nope! I try to keep it all different. Alot of it is entrenched into the deep webs of poetics, and other times it could be a 21-word-short-story ;-). Instagram.com/cleonardo_poetry

Do you take requests? ‘Yeah, I usually try to take requests. I try to make people live in a universe that I created with some words. It’s cool'<—– that was my response in 2010.

My response in 2020 is, no, i don’t take requests. lmao

Have you thought about writing a book? Doing it right now. Please stay tuned, or I will be very upset.

Do you listen to music, or indulge in some liquid confidence before you write? I’ll write in the middle of a club. Idc. During the gym, at work, or even before bed, or while sleeping. I’ll wake up with a crazy idea.

Favorite writers, poets, musicians? I have a bunch, but it isn’t as deep as you think. Probably Hemingway. <— answer in 2010


answer in 2020: Anything that inspires me. I’ll listen to summer walker and be like “oooof girl, hit those fucking notes” And then i’ll write about what her notes made me feel, somehow.

Anything else?

Have a great and splendid day and you are loved, and always, always practice on what you like. The chances that you’ll get better are 100%. The chances that these progressions are fulfilling are also 100%. I love you.

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  1. Hi Leonardo, thanks for following my blog. I will be following yours on your literary journey. I will have to catch up on your posts. I am really impressed with your talent and insight.

    1. I am, I have a fb which isn’t as writing inspired – Facebook.com/cristiangajardo and I have an Instagram – instagram.com/cristiansalive. glad to see a fellow hemingwayer!

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