When did you start writing? Since I could remember.

Does all of your writing have a central theme? No, some of it is a stream of consciousness. It will take you on a journey.

Your writing can be a bit romantic; is it about anyone in particular? Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. Maybe

Does all of your writing rhyme? Nope! I try to keep it all different. A lot of my writing isn’t on this website, but what I think well get the most reception is. I try to keep this poetically themed, but obviously I wane off -course.

Do you take requests? Yeah, I usually try to take requests. I try to make people live in a universe that I created with some words. It’s cool

Have you thought about writing a book? That’s the thing, of course. All the time. I always want to write a book, and get paid for it. Have people buy it and get recognized for it. But it’s this thing of motivation, this thing of timing, and perfectionism. It’s ironic because a lot of my writing isn’t written with flawlessness in mind, but I like having it perfect. And sometimes, I write a draft that is published on this site. It would have no revision. It’s a combination of the lack of motivation and determination and support and they waiver in an out. It’s weird as hell. But, hey one day, maybe I’ll be motivated enough to put together the best of what I’ve posted and make perfect revisions to it to fit a central theme, and have some sort of coherency between certain stanzas and verses. Hopefully.

Do you listen to music, or indulge in some liquid confidence before you write?ย Yes to the former, no to the latter. I find writing inebriated hinders my performance. And it doesn’t really enhance my emotions. But IF IT IS music, then it’s probably some mix of classical and opera. I’m boring like that

Favorite writers, poets, musicians? I have a bunch, but it isn’t as deep as you think. Probably Hemingway.

Anything else?
Visit frequently.

14 thoughts on “About/FAQ

    1. I am, I have a fb which isn’t as writing inspired – Facebook.com/cristiangajardo and I have an Instagram – instagram.com/cristiansalive. glad to see a fellow hemingwayer!


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