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syrup pt. 2 (2nd volume to syrup- a follow-up on intimacy)

Posted on October 27, 2020

she’s smiling cheek to cheek, wide veneer cheshire feel my eyes tether through your bed side this that pressurized, bend-her-over sex drive the entry to her treasure room, legs wide find you in the vestibule, whisper at your back side cause vigors’ just a side effect to when i imbibe if pleasures just a mental boost i take pleasure in these mental boosts every damn time every touch explodes, fingers foot soldiers on a land-mine something better be boiling on the inside finger trace narcotic curves. im on a daze can’t i? concentrate on what God unfurled? my pussy. you love it when i commentate on what i deserve but you hate when i try to say that im unheard undulating hyper-wave has gone…

syrup pt 1

Posted on October 21, 2020

what do you feel, when you apply the sentience? besides wall pinning. and drizzling fire sessions momentary silence, pin drop in an empty room padded wall. effervescent, and sensual feeling your feminine voice telegraph vibrations through many a noise millenias not enough time to fix things we destroyed i feel violated. pass me the void barely observant. just an impressionable boy unpacking post traumatical memory noise your electrical currents, blend into words ready to work, to have me possessed, like your serveant invested, alluring. the rest is concerning subway network connecting my brain muscle memory. where her head would lay tapping longing lust in this mental frame karma sucks & its seems that way cause i feel she turns the other cheek when i…

super conservative (the poets descent into the ‘convenience’ of a sudden rejection)

Posted on October 17, 2020

if…I get to the point where no ones’ love embroiders me,I’d mix the oils, clay, and color coordinate the sordid seamsavoid distaste. annointed is the day shes holding mehoist your rose colored lies on a crown of thorny leaveshearing voices, and allof them enjoy to screamtend to open wounds, forget the ointment and gauzenirvanas intensely consoling. and im pointing to Godfor answers. for pensive motions, for something to wantmemorized medusas feet, & my neck is at oddsalleged moments, you put me through in the darkmemory wash, collective dullness, deafness and sobtook years to look at you in the eye, and your tear ductsthe only thing set to stone was the mountain between usconsider the fact, were considering redactingwhats upsetting to me, isnt your lack…

bondage (our chains, are invisible, but trust me, they’re there.)

Posted on May 4, 2020

inept, and upset, it’s like nothing is mentioned.lifes a run on sentence, interconnecting.eclectic, electric, im a plug in the wall.a bit so perplexive. spotting the occult in the psalms.the rejection. a song in the hall of this crazy asylumstraitjacket is off, and i still feel like i’mbindedabstaining. no hiding. not restrained or assignedwhat’s a goon to a goblin, what’s 12 noon to this bondage?loudspeakers.shouts weaken as i interrupt the connection.been seasons since I slept at the suns’ dusky consentgrayscale cuts. as lovely as everIt’s only fear if we love to project iti’ve learned to accept it, in a functional senseinflections infecting, so fucking intenseinflux of attention. but none to respectfound you by looking at your pendant glow in the dark on your neckdefunct. so…


Posted on July 24, 2019

he’s sitting in his shadow match lit. iron sight shifting with his arrow da vinci with a trebuchet. resentment at a younger age don’t think i’ve ever fucking been the same stay still please, so i don’t have to ever aim. heartbeat on my cabernet, gospel on the interlude never into hurting you; but that’s probably hurting you want to hear you love me, but that’s my crawling incertitude I’m sorry. you’ve heard it… too… many times loose lips sink ships on the new delhi line blueberry, thyme, seattle fog on the bloomsbury dime anxiety finds a new adversary for you every time kavinsky playing nightcall nightfall addict. gun-slinging, moonlight absorber eyeball static, upbringing made me too primed for torture leukocyte warlord with a…

boys don’t cry

Posted on July 16, 2019

I’m over evolving. dopamine soberly blossoms noted and jotted in, like an old scripture bludgeoning forecast, people make what they want of him hold whispers. cold shivers. so obviously rigged language is bothering. thunderstorm on the brink on the cusp of oblivion, and never stopping to think or wonder, what wanderlust awaits waverly love dozens foreshadowing. waving red flags like the waging of war bare footed resolve. homosapien scourge black pen granule dissolving. technicolor gradient torch collateral damage. animal bondage lion with his crown of thorns and his lioness hostage i knew you didn’t love me and it wasn’t a matter of knowledge it was a matter of topics. you never mentioned before casualty tally at the head of the door lambs blood painting…


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