dreaming of colors

I salivate at the thought of atom lasers and waves of splattered rainbow the way they collaborate on a acid halo. technicolor schemes, that i'd envy more than me. oh, what it is to be, a color never dreamed. enactment of life, elapsed by the clockwork collapsing of time. facets of 'why does it all [...]


Robot. I’m a. robot. 

I map out entire existences in the blink of an eye. I could hire statisticians for the things I'd describe. Statistical paralysis. Analysis by analytics. It's lonely in the library, & things considered semi-cryptic. focused on the binary, I do the math on how to rule you. it's crucial, at worst. at best, it's the crest's [...]


  so October 28th. the day before it had arrived pumpkin leaflets, summers leaving, volkswagon sedan on a drive gusts of season. flannels. & walks through 10pm suburbia nights blasts of orange harvest, olfactory senses concise. lakeside and beverly creak. Lake Nelson just over in reach the crossover between the fur elise and berry stems in [...]


Look, now over a half of my sentences begin with a sigh intentions. I'm defective, so infectious inside pretending to cry isn't a problem when it rains it only becomes a problem when it stops but, Used to looking down, when things aren't looking up 1 day my life'll flash before my eyes; not sure [...]

Don’t you get mad when there isnt’ a word that encapsulates your thoughts? So you write sonnets and songs, and poets and hymns, haikus and shit just to sorta capture it all?

sigh. the streetlight kissed your eyes & created an impression so pure. its whiteness i bring this up, bceause I fell in love by remembering my reflection off your iris. expression in its highest form, sensory designed to cure, destinies arrived. analyzed the sculpture, of course. - then vandalized your structure leaves falling aimlessly, in [...]


I don’t even care for breathing air, like A.) it’s clearly a mission. B.) Decided not to get angry today. It’s barely decision. Think life should be more grand than it is, but it isn’t. Can’t have regrets with being wrong, that’s why I love indecision. Sweater against chins, found myself looking for trouble. I [...]