i know what i need 

I dont know what I want

whether its surface dwelling alone at the swamp
or an oak in a marsh, soul searching proverbial want
we’re more or less spawns of monsters nobody needs
you were my star spangled banner and I was taking a knee
subterranean breeze, vitamin pond, still smell your perfume
every once in a blue, Dahlia Divin creeps in the room
black lagoon creature. months of despondent malaise
never under the same moon, but always got in your way
every constant is change, every constant in chains
the sheriff to my merits, conversation warranted pain
follow the tunnel light or continue to walk amongst shade
politics, topic delay, boxer on the ropes
you taught me to love; but to love to be alone
a hundred teeth, sunk in deep, til’ they’re rusting at the bone
propaganda prone, post traumatic melodic drama
copacetic cathartic static, momentary sedative saga
mama said to me never mince words with misses karma
megabit verbage. sapient alma in the trenches of mock prison
velvet and soft linen, cotton henley makeshift pajama
couldnt figure you out…
kissed crevasses in your skin you were indifferent
you’re awkwardly distant to things that slipped through my mouth
look at you now..
Sinatra’s lovers glance, blood soaked sinful devout
the untolds dripping, gun smoke cigarette clouds
love grows thinner when sun strokes negligent doubt
what comes, goes.
hum low under floor boards or they’ll figure us out
self destruct sequence, count to zero with me
feel your feelings metamorph like metaphors in the breeze
i don’t know what i want, i just know what i need
better go home before I’m awoke and i see you
full of momentary passes focused entropy seams
beams of light bustling through cracks in the stream
pockets of time form like globules; we’d skip stones in ravine
everything’s too loud even when the volumes negative three
nothing we do can salvage this irreparable dream
que pena me da, que lo tienes sentir
shouted at you to leave, as i whispered the please

fötter day

you can hear the…

suburbia chime, zirconia vertebrae. pearly white spine
glass thrown in stone houses, regular suburbia night
whirring, rewind. chronicled childhood in olive drab paint
monocle glass. wormwood and bottles of shawshank.
dissolute solitude, wanderer who wallows in maze
en route. delay for tomorrow. never promised today
virgin diary. anne frank. marie curie disease
tinture of rainbow, even if the distance is blurry to me
he, who knows the way to zihuatenejo.
furlough father. demand you to die when i say so
26 pesos what’s left in your wallet
lint and mothball, merryland. experiment omelette.
laundromat arcade quarter exchange
2 o clock shadow of death and follicle strain
these boulders were supposed to be gone when i got here
you shouldered me off. sunday morning penny loafer with frost
social commentary gabriel-lucifer talk
metamucil, retrograde. jupiter star
bolivian roast, oblivion, and a toast goes to mars
you hold my hand; but i don’t even know who you are
shout at me when indoors, but whisper weak when afar
im so close to eroding, skin growth, barely a scar
in my house; the big wolf. lungs pulse til’ exhaustion
i read a suicide note from the ghost in my closet
i dont know, if he knows if this apartment is haunted
by patriarchal pettiness, reminiscent negligent heart
maleficent maligned distant/forgot insidious offspring
with ammunition in their lips, that keep you off guard
feel the metacarpal love letters til your fingers fall off
once you step out the door, you hear the wooden creak in the floor
fell asleep at the creek daydreaming before
everytime before bed i hear footsteps coming from deep
and i hide in my closet, until they delete
REM hits me while I’m counting my sheep
counting rosary beads for every step wolf takes towards me
like neighborhood freeze tag, counting to 3
dysfunctional beings, huffing in suburbia breeze
i know that i know nothing is in love when i speak
into denizens, the medicine cabinet creaks
when you close it and i haven’t heard it in weeks
form bourbon, to curtains burnt at the seams
I’m so close to being the opposite of perfect, i scream
what emerges, a bird sits perched in a tree
what alerts him is
suburbia breeze

I didn’t want to believe it

Im sitting alone at the cosmic stump.
Sipping my soul & I’m Vodka drunk
Thinking of goals. I’ve not have done
Fission control. visit me in my head
Cataclysmic logarithms. -picture dreams that are dead
Bickering silence, word by word I fell in your haiku
only heard what you wanted when I tell I love you
Nervous, respond. I fell in the lust pool
mouth of sin, out of breath
a spell was cast on my lungs too
she promised me passion, she promised me endless
a synonym for forever. All I got was a toxic expansion
mantras to mansion. so deceptive it hurt
quoted my tantrums. like an excerpt from a book
don’t mention the looks. I wonder how you mention me now?
sat on the couch, watching Netflix. Forget heaven and clouds
came from the kitchen with spoon full of sauce that you fed in my mouth.
Cilantro, “does the chicken francaise taste good, my love”
Now I found spooning so distasteful. It sucks
Double entendre tornado. A marksman from the start
Haloed your heart, rainbow. And darts at the bar
volcano and smog, now I counted a hundred horseshoes
Barely put in words, how much I adore you
So scared and it hurts, I’ve come to assortments
From arid. It’s gravid, it varied of course
Marriage, like cherries. Best pick to engorge
Eviction of souls. dependent on the glare you
You sold me religion, with Laissez-Faire in effect
I flare up, I gave up on describing this feeling
Inscribed when I speak, shine on the shrine I requested
dried my lips on your teeth. A psychic connection
read the Braille on my tongue without trying to french kiss
Assignment: Accepted. Binary in sign language
With tension so hectic you’d barely bury the knife hatchet
Fury. Attachment. To the universe that emblazoned
the jury and gavel. as well as the executioner faceless
Fell into Jupiters orbit, and you didn’t notice
Consumed in your work. My mutation was forced
I knew it of course, I ballooned and transmogrified
with evolutionary pose, soon to be broken, I
Cocooned. I was born. alas. a new metamorphis. Rise
Using the moons pull as a force. So isotopic
The butterfly. Psychotropic. New skull and a heart